Ayah By Ayah is a simple, intuitive and elegant Qur'an app...

Umm Salamah رضي الله عنها was asked about the recitation of the Rasool of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ so she said, "He used to pause in his recitation, Ayah by Ayah" (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi)


Intuitive and fast search by Surah, Ayah or page in multiple languages.


Keep track of all your favourite Ayahs and your reading.


Change from Light and Dark themes.



Ayah By Ayah is entirely free of cost and ads.


Optimised to load and render Ayahs smoothly.

Simple & Intuitive

Provides an intuitive and attractive UI.

What people think

"Masha'Allah just wanted to say I really do love this app it's simple and exactly what I was looking for as sometimes you want to quickly go over a particular ayah that you find difficult. Have had the app for a while now and it is very practical and helps with perfecting my reading. Also having the English translation is great. I have just found out from reading the spec about the landscape mode so another bonus! JazaakumAllah khair. May Allah reward you for your efforts."
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"جزاكم الله خيرا علي مجهودكم الطيب وأسأل الله سبحانه أن يجزل لكم العطاء والأجر"
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"جزاكم الله خير This app makes me want to read Quran more and more. Extremely helpful for learners. Each ayah is read with excellent timing so it's easy to learn and recite. Thank you so much for a great app, may Allah reward you tremendously. Ameen"
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"A fantastic app which not only helps you to see how an Ayah should be pronounced correctly but also gives you the meaning! The simple yet effective design allows you to navigate very easily which saves a lot of time."
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"A very good & much needed app. Having the beautiful recitation of Sheikh Husary R.A is perfect for such an app. Insha'allah will help with my tajweed."
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"I am really happy to have this app.. I can't express my feelings in words to say you thanks.. May Allah live you people long and keep using all of you for His Deen e Islam..You people are really blessed ones from Allah for His umma."
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"I have tried a few apps to help with learning the Quran and this has got to be the best one, has been a invaluable tool, thank you and may Allah bless you for your time and effort."
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"This app is great its just what i was looking for easy and simple and you dont need to pay for any in-app purchases thanks."
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"A couple of years ago I used this app to memorise 3 juz. I want to memorise the Quran again. This was the the best app."

"Masha Allah and Jazakumallahu Khayran."
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